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We have our own machinery, which provides comprehensive services. We rely on the accumulated technical documentation projects, as well as documentation entrusted by our customers, which enables the client to obtain any shape.

Powder coating – we have two furnaces with dimensions: Length 5500mm, 1400mm width 2700mm, height 5500mm and length, width 2000mm, height 2700mm.

3D design using programs such as SOLID WORKS

Cutting sheet metal on the plasma burner CNC – plasma burner max. to 80 mm, oxy up to 100 mm, in order to achieve the highest quality. Max. sheet size 2000x4000mm.

Cutting sheet metal using laser – Max to 25 mm, in order to achieve the highest quality Max. sheet size 1500x3000mm or 2000x4000mm. Bending sheet metal and parts using CNC press brake – max. 20mm thick and 3100mm in length.

Cutting tubes and profiles on CNC bending machine.

Cutting pipes, rods and sections on automatic CNC band saws.

Welding steel elements and structures using MIG / MAG method – using devices of the highest quality such as BESTER, LINCOLN, ESAB, LORCH.

CNC Machining – conventional turning, milling, drilling, etc.


Shot-blasting machine: blasting


Rollers: Rolling sheets max width: 3000mm, max thickness: 13mm; Rolling profiles.



Adam Kraska