Hydraulic corn scraper

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Hydraulic corn scraper is used for surfacing heaps of corn and pushing it to the higher parts. The device is adapted for attachment to the three-point linkage of the tractor. By changing the mounting disc, the device can be adapted to other types of fasteners. The machine arms are hydraulically controlled – complex device has a transport width of about 3 m. The side arms are fully independently folded to an angle of 90 degrees both forward and backward. The use of double-sided removable blade allows to use the machine for both pushing and pulling of the weight of corn. Hydraulic corn scraper greatly speeds up the work related to the preparation of silage.


Working width 5 m
Height of disks 1,4 m
  Transport width 3 m
Hitch type TUZ cat II i III
Weight 1800 kg
Number of hydraulic connections 2
Folding disk angle 90 stopni