Agro Show Ostróda 2017

W dniach 11-12 luty 2017r. odbyły się Targi AGRO SHOW Ostróda 2017. Mazurska wystawa już po raz trzeci przyciągnęła wielu rolników zainteresowanych maszynami rolniczymi. Podczas mazurskiej wystawy mieliśmy okazję zaprezentować  swoje nowości produkty. Nasza oferta znalazła wielu potencjalnych odbiorców z czego niezmiernie się cieszymy. Organizatorom i wszystkim naszym gościom serdecznie dziękujemy za odwiedziny i mile spędzony czas. Do zobaczenia za rok!



Central Agricultural Fair 2016

We sincerely wish to thank you for visiting our stand during the fair PTAK WARSAW EXPO in Nadarzyn.

We are extremely pleased to have presented our offer and met with so much interest. We are happy to serve you with advice, assistance and technical support.

We hope that the meeting will be the basis to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

This fair initiative, dedicated to the agri-food sector, which is a platform for meetings of farmers and residents of rural areas with manufacturers of machinery, equipment, equipment for production, breeding, processing and storage, means of agricultural production, institutions offering support and logistics services, financial and advisory services.

Central Agricultural Fair

This new formula of meetings, in which mainly Polish entrepreneurs broadly understood agrifood industry, including food producers, will present domestic and foreign partners, including Asia and Africa, their achievements and possibilities of trade and investment cooperation.

Innovations, new products and technology, and services for agriculture, will be presented in two WARSAW EXPO exhibition halls.

In cooperation with honorary patrons and partners we predict organizing many conferences and panel discussions devoted to the possibilities of the development of foreign activity of Polish entrepreneurs and the development of innovative activities of agri-food sector.

You will find us at HALL F booth NR 13 C

AGRO SHOW 2016 Bednary

Thank you for visiting our stand at the exhibition AGRO-SHOW in 2016.

Have a look at our photo gallery.


Agromalin 2016 Fair in Romania

We invite you to the fair in Romania Agromalin.


On August 16th-18th, 2016 we had the opportunity to stay at the fair AG PROGRESS DAYS in the US state of Pennsylvania. Thanks to the hospitality of companies SAMASZ, RUKO EQUIPMENT and MB ATTACHMENTS we could present our products in the United States for the first time.

Thank you for your interest in our products, while we are pleased with the opportunity to learn about the local market and customer needs. Thank you for your interesting meetings, exchange of valuable experience that will help us continuously improve our offer.

We work hard on it to offer high quality products and be able to meet the demands of rapidly growing market and increasingly demanding customers.

We look forward to another good meeting.

Agricultural Exhibition ROL-SZANSA Piotrkow Trybunalski

27th and 28th of August, visitors will be able to watch agricultural machinery and equipment, read the news in the field of renewable energy. Traditionally, the exhibition will crop varieties and crafts folk art. You will be able to buy natural foods. Special offer prepared for allotment.
The exhibition will be available between 8.00 – 16.00.


April 12th in Szepietowo was a show of tractors STEYR

On 12th of April in Szepietowo was a show of tractors STEYR. We had the opportunity to present as a guest also our novelty which is the manure spreader. We invite you to view photos and video from shows.

XVII Mazowiecki Agriculture Days

On 11th-12th of June, we had the opportunity to present our machines in Płoosk on the seventeenth day of Mazovia Agriculture. Thank you for visiting our stand and we invite you next year!


Our stand at the fair in Ostróda


Thank you for visiting.

“Agromashov International Exhibition of Agriculture” Tel Aviv

Our stand at the fair in Tel Aviv

Thank you for visiting.